SPACE: “A hidden gem found in Pomona”

Christina Long:

Pomona is a sleepy little gem that comes to life and amazes every Second Saturday and has so much eclectic art and music to offer every day of the week. We are very happy that this student chose to spotlight the colony. Great photos too!

Originally posted on Finding Art in All Things:


Pomona Arts Colony hosts events bi-monthly.

Since my first day of orientation in Cal Poly Pomona, I have been warned that Pomona is “dangerous” and “ghetto.” Therefore, in my four years of college, I felt discouraged in exploring the little city. It wasn’t until I ventured out into a vintage clothing shop called “La Bomba”  on Second Street, that I was enlightened the treasures that lie within Downtown Pomona. As I was cashing out at the register, the cashier advised that I attend Pomona Art Walk. He said that they close down streets and stores open later.

I asked myself, “Art walk? In Pomona? But I was always told this city was barren with talent…” Yet, I was greatly intrigued. I had to see this.

So then, I took that cashier’s advice, brought a friend with me, and attended my very first Pomona Art Walk. When I came right about…

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