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SIGN GEEKS July 12th  – August 3, 2014 Sign Geeks Screen ShotAbout the Show SIGN GEEKS  Vintage Neon Photography Exhibit curated by Sharlynn Vee at SPACE POMONA.    It  is a group of photographers who share a passion for vintage neon signs. Their goal is to capture the beauty, history, humor and even grandeur of the signs so they can shine brightly once more as works of art. The group had their first meet-up in 2012 in Las Vegas (a veritable mecca for vintage neon!) and continue to travel around the country, separately and together, in search of these fading and all-but-forgotten works of art. They find them on top of ramshackle old buildings and bowling alleys, hanging out over seedy bars and no-tell motels. Unlike the mass-produced plastic of today, each one is a handcrafted original, once a landmark or a guidepost, promising a cold beer, a good meal or even a good time. They helped define a street, a neighborhood and an era. Sign Geeks’ work is both an homage to this vanishing art form and a distinctive and compelling genre of its own. This show features the best work of 40 different Sign Geeks from around the world.

Selected Photographers:

Achim Gauger, Al Belote, Carlos Escobedo, Carlos Vargas, Charles Blackburn, Corey Miller, Dale McKeon, Dave Obuck, David Kelly, Frank Prosnik, Gina Middleton, Gregory Smith, Horacio Rodriguez, Jennie Book, Jeroen Boersma, Jessica Roybal
John O’Neill, Joshua Marcote, Joyce Casis MD, Kim Rosenberg, Kim Haggin-Rossi, Lenore Locken, Maggie Boersma, Marc Shur Mario Fiammenghi, Marla Zack, Mercedes Mancillas, Mike MacDonald, Mike Zack, Molly Block, Nick Florio, Pat Gideon, Quique Ollervides. Randy Kurta Recapturist, Rob Bender, Sean Calvey, Sharlynn Vee, Stefanie Poteet, Steve Earhart, Steve Spiegel

Chief Preparator: Amine Zayi July 12th – August 3rd 2014

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