Between | Among

Jingyi Yang, Shanshan Chen, Sookyung Bae, Yining He

Main Gallery, November 9, 2013 – January 4, 2014

About the Show

Between | Among is a photography-based exhibition with an additional performance element provided only at the opening reception. The exhibition explores the relationships of humans; the way we interact with nature or our urban environments, with our long-held beliefs, with our preferences, with our living spaces, with the ephemeral, with our ancestral roots, and with each other.

This exhibition will display the work of four Asian artists whose works and origins are diverse as they are intriguing. Jingyi Yang is a photographer living in Chongqing, China. Her work for this series explores the abstract holistic life systems that are an expression of humans’ natural instinct. Shanshan Chen is from Shanghai, China, and works in London, capturing images of social spaces and the bridge between social classes when spaces go unoccupied. Sookyung Bae is a photographer, born in Seoul, South Korea and working out of Los Angeles. His series of discarded, everyday items encourages viewers to confront their associations with objects. Yining He was born in Hefei, China, and travels the world practicing photojournalism; her current work documents seemingly forgotten British folklore and bygone customs that are in fact still very active.

Exhibition curated by HALFartist.


Exhibition photographs by Jennilee Kinnunen Phillips.


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