Brian Deemy and Amazaday Drinkingtea

backSPACE, June 14 – July 13, 2013

backSPACE Presents

An exhibition of surrealist works by Amazaday Drinkingtea and Brian Deemy. Curated by Hali LeCat.

About the Artists

Amazaday Drinkingtea

Amazaday Drinkingtea owns a Canon 60D that has become one of her best friends and partners. She’s undertaken the “365 Challenge” which specifies that she create one image everyday for an entire year. She is an aspiring war photographer.

Brian Deemy

It is not easy to categorize artist Brian Deemy. Deemy himself says that he is primarily a photographer, “but that is vague at best,” and that he approaches photography as a means of recording; a way to capture a constructed piece of art that “only exists in a fleeting moment.” Deemy is an artist that does not pledge allegiance to any one medium. He first arrived on the scene as a photographer in a debut showcase at Illuminate in Pomona, he has since branched out to illustration, painting, and ready made sculpture. Not limited to photography, Deemy works in multiple mediums ranging from digital work to nineteenth century processes. His work can be described as enigmatic. “In any media I am working in, I create visual abstractions. I create work that welcomes multiple interpretations, in doing so reaching a broader audience.” Deemy regularly showcases throughout Southern California.



Exhibition photographs by Jennilee Kinnunen Phillips.

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