Images From The Crypt: Early photographs of Rozz Williams & Christian Death by Ed Colver

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SPACE gallery Pomona presents –


Illustration, collage, print & mixed media by ILIR ZENELI

(PDF Catalog with pricing attached)

Zeneli is a grad of Art Center College of Design and has shown in countless galleries and venues across Los Angeles.  He has sold in Denmark and Australia.

His work is an exploration of violence, science fiction and the apocalyptic landscape. It also deals with European influence relating to communism and capitalism from an existential viewpoint.  His C/V is available upon request.

Zener is also known for the music he makes with  Punk / Death / surf  band:  “PEG LEG LOVE,”

Music for the night by :
Loneship – 8pm  -(Electronic Shoegaze /Pop)

Edith Crash -9pm  (French singer-songwriter, musician and one woman band).

Donation of $5.00 suggested after 8PM for music performance.