One Language is Not Enough

June Korea, Stephen Long, Patrick J. Kim

backSPACE, November 9, 2013 – January 4, 2014

Show Statement

Although it is hard to find in any ‘systematic’ attempt to make clear what it would be for photography to be language, a social consensus tells us that it communicates meaning whether it be literally, figuratively, or psychologically. Our gut tells us so. The medium just by its mere existence has the power to transcend language and cultural boundaries, attempting a unification of thought or even of question. This visceral language in its many forms and genres has the power to bring people together. In One Language is Not Enough, we present the work of three Korean photographers whose art making is addressed in three different genres or ‘languages’. June Korea presents work in the fine art category while Stephen Long speaks in land and cityscapes. Patrick J. Kim offers an editorial look at the language of photography.

Exhibition curated by Christina Franco Long.

Exhibition photographs by Jennilee Kinnunen Phillips.

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