PAINT! : A Beautiful Mess Repurposed

The Work of Jeff Dulla

backSPACE, July 13 – September 7, 2013

Cups JPEGMixing Cups #2, dried paint, cups, 34 1/2″x24 3/8″

About the Show

My passion for recycling and doing my small part to save the planet is the core idea that drives my artwork. The massive amount of waste produced by society has become a steadily increasing problem, and our landfills are overflowing as they try to find creative methods to repurpose waste. This started to occur to me when I started working as a sign artist in 2010 at Trader Joe’s. I quickly realized how much paint is wasted and thrown away everyday. I am not just talking about the paint that gets left behind on the paint trays, but also smaller things like drips in a water bucket, pallet scrapings, paint mixing cups, or even the splatter on my clothing, aprons ,and drop cloths. Most people look at all of my used dried out paint materials and see it as a pile of trash; I see it as my art medium. I love the idea that something that most people would throw away will now become something visually appealing, as well as show the history of me as an art student and working artist.

When I look at my art, I am proud that I was able to create something beautiful out of waste. My purpose is to create problems for myself and solve them in a way that is creative and useful. I am always looking for that drop, smear or splatter of paint, and asking myself “What can I create with that?”

Dulla0 Dulla1 Dulla2 Dulla3 Dulla4

Exhibition photographs by Jennilee Kinnunen Phillips.


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