The Photography of Russell Kuch and Cindy Dillingham

Main Gallery, May 18 – June 5, 2013

Artist Statement – Russell Kuch


These photographs are an escape from the world in which we live, to a surreal and an expanded landscape. Using the photographic process, constructed environments allow me to interact with nature using my body as a focal point. These romanticized self-portraits depict beauty, loneliness, and obstacle.

Russel Kuch, Artist

Artist Statement – Cindy Dillingham


You could say I was raised in museums. Growing up in France, then Germany, and finally ending up in the Philippines, my parents always took my sisters and me to museums. Renaissance paintings and sculptures are still vivid in my mind including the biblical references that dominate the artistic themes of that period. The drama and emotion of the difficulties, struggles, and failures that I saw in that artwork as a child are still relevant to me today.

Image making for me, is a way of exploring my curiosity and fascination with people and their relation to objects or their surroundings. My inspiration comes from every day life with all the unique and real situations people experience. Photographers and painters whose work uses light to sculpt their subjects inspire me. I am interested in creating imagery that isolates and simplifies the details of the content. I am fascinated with photographing the movement of light and shadow. Photographer Syl Arena said “To create interesting light, you also need to create interesting shadows.”

Through my work, I have a story to share. In my piece, “Letting Go of the Past,” I use a biblical story to illuminate contemporary experiences. I always wonder why Lot’s Wife looked back. Was it the screams and agonizing cries that caused her to turn or was it the thought of leaving behind her whole way of life? How can we not look back? In another piece titled “Crumbling Prosperity,” I can’t help but wonder what is up ahead for me and eeryone else as the economic situation in the country deteriorates. I use the isual representation of a historical drought in relation to the deterioration society. Can this problem be fixed? These types of questions and narratives play a central role in my process of making this work.

Cindy Dillingham, Artist

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Exhibition photographs by Christina Franco Long.

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