Upcoming Exhibition: Images From The Crypt: Early photographs of Rozz Williams & Christian Death by Ed Colver


On March 12Th 2016, SPACEWave Events presents: “Images From The Crypt, Early Photographs of Rozz Williams and Christian Death” by Ed Colver. Ed Colver is an American photographer, best known for his early punk photographs. in the Los Angeles, California area from late 1978 to mid-1984, but also he greatly helped in defining the photography style and graphic identity of the American hardcore punk movement.

Since then he has shot photographs for dozens of record labels including EMI, Capitol and Geffen. His punk pictures have been featured on more than 250 album covers and include some of the most recognizable and iconic covers of the punk era.

Music for the night by : Gitane Demone Quartet GDQ -9pm Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.58.45 AM

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