Pomona Photographic Society

Pomona Photographic Society
The Pomona Photographic Society (P.P.S.) is a consortium of photographers from all over California with the originating members hailing from Pomona. The Society endeavors to attract photographers from all over the world, representing all aspects of the trade. Fine art photographers, commercial, architectural, glamor, photojournalistic, documentary, street photographers, professionals, and amateurs alike are invited to join! P.P.S. is FREE!! P.P.S. is an educational hub for photographers, as well as a networking center and social venue, a meet up space before and after personal or collaborative shoots. Professional, prosumer and novice photographs are all invited to join. There is no hierarchy and no distinction between ability levels. P.P.S. is a collaborative, social, and educational society of enthusiasts. P.P.S. bylaws and information about sustainability are forthcoming! Help us write them!​

When you join P.P.S., you make great friends in the arts, go on art walks, photo tours and journeys. We will not charge a fee unless the specific trip requires it. P.P.S. does collect a small fee for artist talks (to fund the artists). ​
Join P.P.S. and come explore with us.

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Pomona Photographic Society Holiday Show

To be curated by Christina and Stephen Long, members of the Pomona Photographic Society will hang their best work for sale at SPACE. While this is a juried show, it is open to all members!

Members of P.P.S. may submit one photograph for the show – black and white or color, produced via digital or traditional processes. Image may be any size, but no larger than 11×14. No frame is needed. Selected photographs will be hung by our preparator, Amine Zayi, using pins and tape and/or binder clips with or without wire. A traditional 50-50 gallery consignment split will be honored. To get involved, please fill out the entry form below and submit it to the gallery with one of your best photographs. (Note that there is a $5 fee to participate if your work is selected.)

P.P.S. Holiday Show Entry Form

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